Commit 61ef5f0e authored by Mike Greiling's avatar Mike Greiling

add npm run webpack command

parent 572fb0be
"private": true,
"scripts": {
"dev-server": "node_modules/.bin/webpack-dev-server --config config/webpack.config.js",
"dev-server": "webpack-dev-server --config config/webpack.config.js",
"eslint": "eslint --max-warnings 0 --ext .js,.js.es6 .",
"eslint-fix": "npm run eslint -- --fix",
"eslint-report": "npm run eslint -- --format html --output-file ./eslint-report.html",
"karma": "karma start config/karma.config.js --single-run",
"karma-start": "karma start config/karma.config.js"
"karma-start": "karma start config/karma.config.js",
"webpack": "webpack --config config/webpack.config.js",
"webpack-prod": "NODE_ENV=production npm run webpack"
"dependencies": {
"babel": "^5.8.38",
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