Commit 60cd47bc authored by Luis Alonso Chavez Armendariz's avatar Luis Alonso Chavez Armendariz
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Fix bad selection on dropdown menu for tags filter

parent fe4ae12e
......@@ -10,15 +10,16 @@
= form_tag(filter_tags_path, method: :get) do
= search_field_tag :search, params[:search], { placeholder: 'Filter by tag name', id: 'tag-search', class: 'form-control search-text-input input-short', spellcheck: false }
%button.dropdown-toggle.btn{ type: 'button', data: { toggle: 'dropdown'} }
= @sort.humanize
= projects_sort_options_hash[@sort]
= icon('caret-down')
= link_to filter_tags_path(sort: nil) do
= link_to filter_tags_path(sort: sort_value_name) do
= sort_title_name
= link_to filter_tags_path(sort: sort_value_recently_updated) do
= sort_title_recently_updated
= link_to filter_tags_path(sort: sort_value_oldest_updated) do
title: Fix bad selection on dropdown menu for tags filter
author: Luis Alonso Chavez Armendariz
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