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#### Customizing GitLab's appearance
- [Header logo](../customization/ Change the logo on all pages and email headers.
- [Favicon](../customization/ Change the default favicon to your own logo.
- [Branded login page](../customization/ Customize the login page with your own logo, title, and description.
- [Welcome message](../customization/ Add a custom welcome message to the sign-in page.
- ["New Project" page](../customization/ Customize the text to be displayed on the page that opens whenever your users create a new project.
# Changing the favicon
> [Introduced][ce-14497] in GitLab 11.0.
Navigate to the **Admin** area and go to the **Appearance** page.
Upload the custom favicon (**Favicon**) in the section **Favicon**.
After saving the page, the new favicon will be shown in the browser. The main
favicon as well as the CI status icons will show the custom icon:
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