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Add the version each feature was introduced in GitHub importer

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......@@ -5,11 +5,15 @@ enable the [GitHub integration][gh-import] in your GitLab instance._
At its current state, GitHub importer can import:
- the repository description
- the git repository data
- the issues
- the pull requests
- the wiki pages
- the repository description (introduced in GitLab 7.7)
- the git repository data (introduced in GitLab 7.7)
- the issues (introduced in GitLab 7.7)
- the pull requests (introduced in GitLab 8.4)
- the wiki pages (introduced in GitLab 8.4)
It is not yet possible to import your labels, milestones and cross-repository
pull requests (those from forks). We are working on improving this in the near
The importer page is visible when you [create a new project][new-project].
Click on the **GitHub** link and you will be redirected to GitHub for
......@@ -35,12 +39,6 @@ The importer will create any new namespaces if they don't exist or in the
case the namespace is taken, the project will be imported on the user's
### Note
When you import your projects from GitHub, it is not possible to keep your
labels, milestones, and cross-repository pull requests. We are working on
improving this in the near future.
[gh-import]: ../../integration/ "GitHub integration"
[ee-gh]: "GitHub integration for GitLab EE"
[new-project]: ../../gitlab-basics/ "How to create a new project in GitLab"
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