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remove unused methods until needed

parent d6cd6e9d
......@@ -3,32 +3,10 @@
module Gitlab
module Webpack
class Manifest < ::Webpack::Rails::Manifest
# Raised if webpack couldn't build one of your assets
class WebpackError < StandardError
def initialize(errors)
super "Error in webpack compile, details follow below:\n#{errors.join("\n\n")}"
# Raised if a supplied asset does not exist in the webpack manifest
AssetMissingError = Class.new(StandardError)
class << self
def asset_paths(source)
raise ::Webpack::Rails::Manifest::WebpackError, manifest["errors"] unless manifest_bundled?
paths = manifest["assetsByChunkName"][source]
if paths
# Can be either a string or an array of strings.
# Do not include source maps as they are not javascript
[paths].flatten.reject { |p| p =~ /.*\.map$/ }.map do |p|
raise AssetMissingError, "Can't find asset '#{source}' in webpack manifest"
def entrypoint_paths(source)
raise ::Webpack::Rails::Manifest::WebpackError, manifest["errors"] unless manifest_bundled?
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