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Merge branch 'code_review-assign-maintainers-different-team' into 'master'

Update to include a recommendation for assigning maintainers from different teams

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!21644
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......@@ -27,8 +27,9 @@ There are a few rules to get your merge request accepted:
ask or assign any [reviewers][projects] for a first review.
1. If you need some guidance (e.g. it's your first merge request), feel free
to ask one of the [Merge request coaches][team].
1. The reviewer will assign the merge request to a maintainer once the
reviewer is satisfied with the state of the merge request.
1. It is recommended that you assign a maintainer that is from a different team than your own.
This ensures that all code across GitLab is consistent and can be easily understood by all contributors.
1. Keep in mind that maintainers are also going to perform a final code review.
The ideal scenario is that the reviewer has already addressed any concerns
the maintainer would have found, and the maintainer only has to perform the
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