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Improve documentation of configuring external issue trackers

There was some confusion over the deprecated `:issues_tracker_id` field. Added documentation.

Closes #1514

See merge request !580
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......@@ -36,4 +36,9 @@ In GitLab Admin section, navigate to `Service Templates` and choose the service
After the template is created, the template details will be pre-filled on the project service page.
NOTE: For each project, you will still need to configure the issue tracking URLs by replacing `:issues_tracker_id` in the above screenshot
with the ID used by your external issue tracker. Prior to GitLab v7.8, this ID was configured in the project settings, and GitLab would automatically
update the URL configured in `gitlab.yml`. This behavior is now depecated, and all issue tracker URLs must be configured directly
within the project's Services settings.
Support to add your commits to the Jira ticket automatically is [available in GitLab EE](
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