Commit 59565719 authored by Jacob Schatz's avatar Jacob Schatz
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Merge branch 'issuable-dropdowns-changelog' into 'master'

Added changelog item for issuable form dropdowns

## What does this MR do?

Adds CHANGELOG item about the new dropdowns in the issuable form

See merge request !5266
parents 8765d2f9 a55aaabc
......@@ -169,6 +169,9 @@ v 8.10.0
- Fix check for New Branch button on Issue page. !4630 (winniehell)
- Fix GFM autocomplete not working on wiki pages
- Fixed enter key not triggering click on first row when searching in a dropdown
- Updated dropdowns in issuable form to use new GitLab dropdown style
- Make images fit to the size of the viewport !4810
- Fix check for New Branch button on Issue page !4630 (winniehell)
- Fix MR-auto-close text added to description. !4836
- Support U2F devices in Firefox. !5177
- Fix issue, preventing users w/o push access to sort tags. !5105 (redetection)
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