Commit 580dfe5a authored by Dmitriy Zaporozhets's avatar Dmitriy Zaporozhets

Replace assign with stub for default_branch

Signed-off-by: default avatarDmitriy Zaporozhets <>
parent 9d14c513
......@@ -116,13 +116,13 @@ describe MergeRequest do
it 'accesses the set of issues that will be closed on acceptance' do
subject.project.default_branch = subject.target_branch
subject.project.stub(default_branch: subject.target_branch)
subject.closes_issues.should == [issue0, issue1].sort_by(&:id)
it 'only lists issues as to be closed if it targets the default branch' do
subject.project.default_branch = 'master'
subject.project.stub(default_branch: 'master')
subject.target_branch = 'something-else'
subject.closes_issues.should be_empty
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