Unverified Commit 57ce7c65 authored by Nick Thomas's avatar Nick Thomas
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codequality: Install jq directly instead of pulling it via docker

parent e17d8ad8
......@@ -619,9 +619,10 @@ codequality:
cache: {}
dependencies: []
- apk update && apk add jq
- ./scripts/codequality analyze -f json > raw_codeclimate.json || true
# The following line keeps only the fields used in the MR widget, reducing the JSON artifact size
- cat raw_codeclimate.json | docker run -i stedolan/jq -c 'map({check_name,description,fingerprint,location})' > codeclimate.json
- jq -c 'map({check_name,description,fingerprint,location})' raw_codeclimate.json > codeclimate.json
paths: [codeclimate.json]
expire_in: 1 week
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