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title: Update CI services documnetation
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......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ your job and is linked to the Docker image that the `image` keyword defines.
This allows you to access the service image during build time.
The service image can run any application, but the most common use case is to
run a database container, eg. `mysql`. It's easier and faster to use an
run a database container, e.g., `mysql`. It's easier and faster to use an
existing image and run it as an additional container than install `mysql` every
time the project is built.
......@@ -83,6 +83,67 @@ So, in order to access your database service you have to connect to the host
named `mysql` instead of a socket or `localhost`. Read more in [accessing the
### How the health check of services works
Services are designed to provide additional functionality which is **network accessible**.
It may be a database like MySQL, or Redis, and even `docker:dind` which
allows you to use Docker in Docker. It can be practically anything that is
required for the CI/CD job to proceed and is accessed by network.
To make sure this works, the Runner:
1. checks which ports are exposed from the container by default
1. starts a special container that waits for these ports to be accessible
When the second stage of the check fails, either because there is no opened port in the
service, or the service was not started properly before the timeout and the port is not
responding, it prints the warning: `*** WARNING: Service XYZ probably didn't start properly`.
In most cases it will affect the job, but there may be situations when the job
will still succeed even if that warning was printed. For example:
- The service was started a little after the warning was raised, and the job is
not using the linked service from the very beginning. In that case, when the
job needed to access the service, it may have been already there waiting for
- The service container is not providing any networking service, but it's doing
something with the job's directory (all services have the job directory mounted
as a volume under `/builds`). In that case, the service will do its job, and
since the job is not trying to connect to it, it won't fail.
### What services are not for
As it was mentioned before, this feature is designed to provide **network accessible**
services. A database is the simplest example of such a service.
NOTE: **Note:**
The services feature is not designed to, and will not add any software from the
defined `services` image(s) to the job's container.
For example, if you have the following `services` defined in your job, the `php`,
`node` or `go` commands will **not** be available for your script, and thus
the job will fail:
- php:7
- node:latest
- golang:1.10
image: alpine:3.7
- php -v
- node -v
- go version
If you need to have `php`, `node` and `go` available for your script, you should
- choose an existing Docker image that contains all required tools, or
- create your own Docker image, which will have all the required tools included
and use that in your job
### Accessing the services
Let's say that you need a Wordpress instance to test some API integration with
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