Commit 57a561db authored by Rémy Coutable's avatar Rémy Coutable

Fix cop description

Signed-off-by: default avatarRémy Coutable <>
parent 7e3ff5a0
...@@ -1045,7 +1045,7 @@ RSpec/BeforeAfterAll: ...@@ -1045,7 +1045,7 @@ RSpec/BeforeAfterAll:
RSpec/DescribeClass: RSpec/DescribeClass:
Enabled: false Enabled: false
# Use `described_class` for tested class / module. # Checks that the second argument to `describe` specifies a method.
RSpec/DescribeMethod: RSpec/DescribeMethod:
Enabled: false Enabled: false
...@@ -1053,8 +1053,7 @@ RSpec/DescribeMethod: ...@@ -1053,8 +1053,7 @@ RSpec/DescribeMethod:
RSpec/DescribeSymbol: RSpec/DescribeSymbol:
Enabled: true Enabled: true
# Checks that the second argument to top level describe is the tested method # Checks that tests use `described_class`.
# name.
RSpec/DescribedClass: RSpec/DescribedClass:
Enabled: true Enabled: true
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