Commit 56a0cc7f authored by Ben Bodenmiller's avatar Ben Bodenmiller
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fixed capitalization and added Google Analytics

parent 6e1ee1fe
......@@ -7,13 +7,14 @@ v 5.2.0
- Restyle project clone panel
- Move Gitlab::Git code to gitlab_git gem
- Move update docs in repo
- requires gitlab-shell v1.4.0
- fixed submodules listing under file tab
- Requires gitlab-shell v1.4.0
- Fixed submodules listing under file tab
- Fork feature (Angus MacArthur)
- git version check in gitlab:check
- Shared deploy keys feature
- Ability to generate default labels set for issues
- improve gfm autocomplete (Harold Luo)
- Improve gfm autocomplete (Harold Luo)
- Added support for Google Analytics
v 5.1.0
- You can login with email or username now
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