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docker login #{Gitlab.config.registry.host_port}
- deploy_token = link_to(_('deploy token'), help_page_path('user/projects/deploy_tokens/index', anchor: 'read-container-registry-images'), target: '_blank')
= s_('Container-Registry|You can also %{deploy_token} for read-only access to the registry images.').html_safe % { deploy_token: deploy_token }
= s_('ContainerRegistry|Once you log in, you&rsquo;re free to create and upload a container image using the common %{build} and %{push} commands').html_safe % { build: "<code>build</code>".html_safe, push: "<code>push</code>".html_safe }
......@@ -115,15 +115,16 @@ and [Using the GitLab Container Registry documentation](../../ci/docker/using_do
## Using with private projects
> [Introduced][ce-11845] in GitLab 9.3.
> Personal Access tokens were [introduced][ce-11845] in GitLab 9.3.
> Project Deploy Tokens were [introduced][ce-17894] in GitLab 10.7
If a project is private, credentials will need to be provided for authorization.
The preferred way to do this, is by using [personal access tokens][pat].
The minimal scope needed is `read_registry`.
The preferred way to do this, is either by using a [personal access tokens][pat] or a [project deploy token][pdt].
The minimal scope needed for both of them is `read_registry`.
Example of using a personal access token:
docker login -u <your_username> -p <your_personal_access_token>
docker login -u <your_username> -p <your_access_token>
## Troubleshooting the GitLab Container Registry
......@@ -270,5 +271,7 @@ Once the right permissions were set, the error will go away.
[pat]: ../profile/
[pdt]: ../project/deploy_tokens/
# Deploy Tokens
> [Introduced][ce-17894] in GitLab 10.7.
Deploy tokens allow to download (through `git clone`), or read the container registry images of a project without the need of having a user and a password.
Please note, that the expiration of deploy tokens happens on the date you define,
at midnight UTC and that they can be only managed by [masters](
## Creating a personal access token
You can create as many deploy tokens as you like from the settings of your project:
1. Log in to your GitLab account.
1. Go to the project you want to create Deploy Tokens for.
1. Go to **Settings** > **Repository**
1. Click on "Expand" on **Deploy Tokens** section
1. Choose a name and optionally an expiry date for the token.
1. Choose the [desired scopes](#limiting-scopes-of-a-deploy-token).
1. Click on **Create deploy token**.
1. Save the deploy token somewhere safe. Once you leave or refresh
the page, **you won't be able to access it again**.
![Personal access tokens page](img/deploy_tokens.png)
## Revoking a personal access token
At any time, you can revoke any deploy token by just clicking the
respective **Revoke** button under the 'Active deploy tokens' area.
## Limiting scopes of a deploy token
Deploy tokens can be created with two different scopes that allow various
actions that a given token can perform. The available scopes are depicted in
the following table.
| Scope | Description |
| ----- | ----------- |
|`read_repo` | Allows read-access to the repository through `git clone` |
| `read_registry` | Allows read-access to[container registry] images if a project is private and authorization is required. |
## Usage
### Git clone a repository
To download a repository using a Deploy Token, you just need to:
1. Create a Deploy Token with `read_repo` as a scope.
2. `git clone` the project using the Deploy Token:
git clone http://oauth2:<deploy_token>
Just replace `<deploy_token>` with your real token.
### Read container registry images
To read the container registry images, you'll need to:
1. Create a Deploy Token with `read_registry` as a scope.
2. Log in to GitLab’s Container Registry using the deploy token:
docker login -u <username> -p <deploy_token>
Just replace `<username>` and `<deploy_token>` with the proper values.
[container registry]: ../project/
......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ integrated platform
- [Protected tags]( Control over who has
permission to create tags, and prevent accidental update or deletion
- [Signing commits](gpg_signed_commits/ use GPG to sign your commits
- [Deploy tokens](deploy_tokens/ Manage project-based deploy tokens that allow permanent access to the repository and Container Registry.
- [Merge Requests](merge_requests/ Apply your branching
strategy and get reviewed by your team
- [Merge Request Approvals]( (**Starter/Premium**): Ask for approval before
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