Commit 555d2bf6 authored by Grzegorz Bizon's avatar Grzegorz Bizon

Merge branch '7861-cross-project-pipeline-dashboard-mvc-2-ce' into 'master'

Delegate last_pipeline to Project

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!25422
parents 51c919a2 bb4076de
......@@ -305,6 +305,7 @@ class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
delegate :group_runners_enabled, :group_runners_enabled=, :group_runners_enabled?, to: :ci_cd_settings
delegate :group_clusters_enabled?, to: :group, allow_nil: true
delegate :root_ancestor, to: :namespace, allow_nil: true
delegate :last_pipeline, to: :commit, allow_nil: true
# Validations
validates :creator, presence: true, on: :create
......@@ -482,6 +482,7 @@
it { delegate_method(:name).to(:owner).with_prefix(true).with_arguments(allow_nil: true) }
it { delegate_method(:group_clusters_enabled?).to(:group).with_arguments(allow_nil: true) }
it { delegate_method(:root_ancestor).to(:namespace).with_arguments(allow_nil: true) }
it { delegate_method(:last_pipeline).to(:commit).with_arguments(allow_nil: true) }
describe '#to_reference_with_postfix' do
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