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Don't show the Todo count if there aren't any Todos.

When there are 0 Todos, the Todos icon still had the blue badge with a "0" in it, which made me think I had a new Todo left. This makes it less annoying.

Follow-up on !4077.
parent f7d2297c
......@@ -27,8 +27,9 @@
= link_to dashboard_todos_path, title: 'Todos', data: {toggle: 'tooltip', placement: 'bottom', container: 'body'} do
= icon('bell fw')
= todos_pending_count
- unless todos_pending_count == 0
= todos_pending_count
- if current_user.can_create_project?
= link_to new_project_path, title: 'New project', data: {toggle: 'tooltip', placement: 'bottom', container: 'body'} do
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