Commit 4e16edbe authored by Oswaldo Ferreira's avatar Oswaldo Ferreira
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Add feature-flag support

Returns error in MergeToRefService when
merge_to_tmp_merge_ref_path ff is disabled.
parent 105212ce
......@@ -34,7 +34,9 @@ def validate!
def error_check!
error =
if !merge_method_supported?
if Feature.disabled?(:merge_to_tmp_merge_ref_path, project)
'Feature is not enabled'
elsif !merge_method_supported?
"#{project.human_merge_method} to #{target_ref} is currently not supported."
elsif !hooks_validation_pass?(merge_request)
......@@ -74,6 +74,15 @@ def process_merge_to_ref
it 'returns error when feature is disabled' do
stub_feature_flags(merge_to_tmp_merge_ref_path: false)
result = service.execute(merge_request)
expect(result[:status]).to eq(:error)
expect(result[:message]).to eq('Feature is not enabled')
it 'returns an error when the failing to process the merge' do
allow(project.repository).to receive(:merge_to_ref).and_return(nil)
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