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Commit 4c90ed52 authored by Robert Schilling's avatar Robert Schilling

Delete tag via API

parent e78ddb09
......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ v 8.4.0 (unreleased)
- Properly set task-list class on single item task lists
- Add file finder feature in tree view (Kyungchul Shin)
- Ajax filter by message for commits page
- API: Add support for deleting a tag via the API (Robert Schilling)
v 8.3.3 (unreleased)
- Get "Merge when build succeeds" to work when commits were pushed to MR target branch while builds were running
......@@ -83,6 +83,26 @@ it will contain the annotation.
It returns 200 if the operation succeed. In case of an error,
405 with an explaining error message is returned.
## Delete a tag
Deletes a tag of a repository with given name. On success, this API method
returns 200 with the name of the deleted tag. If the tag does not exist, the
API returns 404.
DELETE /projects/:id/repository/tags/:tag_name
- `id` (required) - The ID of a project
- `tag_name` (required) - The name of a tag
"tag_name": "v4.3.0"
## Create a new release
......@@ -40,6 +40,27 @@ class Tags < Grape::API
# Delete tag
# Parameters:
# id (required) - The ID of a project
# tag_name (required) - The name of the tag
# Example Request:
# DELETE /projects/:id/repository/tags/:tag
delete ":id/repository/tags/:tag_name", requirements: { tag_name: /.*/ } do
result =, current_user).
if result[:status] == :success
tag_name: params[:tag_name]
render_api_error!(result[:message], result[:return_code])
# Add release notes to tag
# Parameters:
......@@ -65,6 +65,27 @@
describe 'DELETE /projects/:id/repository/tags/:tag_name' do
let(:tag_name) { project.repository.tag_names.sort.reverse.first }
before do
allow_any_instance_of(Repository).to receive(:rm_tag).and_return(true)
context 'delete tag' do
it 'should delete an existing tag' do
delete api("/projects/#{}/repository/tags/#{tag_name}", user)
expect(response.status).to eq(200)
expect(json_response['tag_name']).to eq(tag_name)
it 'should raise 404 if the tag does not exist' do
delete api("/projects/#{}/repository/tags/foobar", user)
expect(response.status).to eq(404)
context 'annotated tag' do
it 'should create a new annotated tag' do
# Identity must be set in .gitconfig to create annotated tag.
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