Commit 4b3011e1 authored by Tim Zallmann's avatar Tim Zallmann

Merge branch 'ci-lint-fix' into 'master'

Fix order of CI lint ace editor loading

Closes #35985

See merge request !13316
parents 9b935080 0ead0ea4
- page_title "CI Lint"
- page_description "Validate your GitLab CI configuration file"
- content_for :page_specific_javascripts do
- content_for :library_javascripts do
= page_specific_javascript_tag('lib/ace.js')
%h2 Check your .gitlab-ci.yml
......@@ -38,6 +38,9 @@
= Gon::Base.render_data
- if content_for?(:library_javascripts)
= yield :library_javascripts
= webpack_bundle_tag "webpack_runtime"
= webpack_bundle_tag "common"
= webpack_bundle_tag "locale"
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