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Document the feature freeze of stable branches

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......@@ -105,6 +105,25 @@ sensitive as to how you word things. Use Emoji to express your feelings (heart,
star, smile, etc.). Some good tips about giving feedback to merge requests is in
the [Thoughtbot code review guide].
## Feature Freeze
5 working days before the 22nd the stable branches for the upcoming release will
be frozen for major changes. Merge requests may still be merged into master
during this period. By freezing the stable branches prior to a release there's
no need to worry about last minute merge requests potentially breaking a lot of
What is considered to be a major change is determined on a case by case basis as
this definition depends very much on the context of changes. For example, a 5
line change might have a big impact on the entire application. Ultimately the
decision will be made by those reviewing a merge request and the release
During the feature freeze all merge requests that are meant to go into the next
release should have the correct milestone assigned _and_ have the label
~"Pick into Stable" set. Merge requests without a milestone and this label will
not be merged into any stable branches.
## Copy & paste responses
### Improperly formatted issue
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