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Merge branch 'contributing-gitlab-cloud-outdated' into 'master'

Changed the reference from gitlab cloud to because it was outdated.

This one confused me a bit because i was searching for gitlab cloud and the first thing i saw: "It's gone and now it's"
So to prevent anyone other than me from being a bit puzzled this little change should help

See merge request !929
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......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ To start with GitLab download the [GitLab Development Kit](
If you can, please submit a merge request with the fix or improvements including tests. If you don't know how to fix the issue but can write a test that exposes the issue we will accept that as well. In general bug fixes that include a regression test are merged quickly while new features without proper tests are least likely to receive timely feedback. The workflow to make a merge request is as follows:
1. Fork the project on GitLab Cloud
1. Fork the project into your personal space on
1. Create a feature branch
1. Write [tests]( and code
1. Add your changes to the [CHANGELOG](CHANGELOG)
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