Commit 4949f40a authored by Stan Hu's avatar Stan Hu

Fix Error 500 when doing a search in dashboard before visiting any project

If a search turned up an issue, under certain conditions you would see this error:

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `path_with_namespace' for nil:NilClass):
     6:   - if issue.description.present?
     7:     .description.term
     8:       = preserve do
     9:         = search_md_sanitize(markdown(issue.description))
    10:   %span.light
    11:     #{issue.project.name_with_namespace}
    12:   - if issue.closed?
  lib/gitlab/markdown/upload_link_filter.rb:36:in `build_url'
  lib/gitlab/markdown/upload_link_filter.rb:31:in `process_link_attr'
  lib/gitlab/markdown/upload_link_filter.rb:18:in `block in call'
  lib/gitlab/markdown/upload_link_filter.rb:17:in `call'
  lib/gitlab/markdown.rb:127:in `gfm'
  lib/gitlab/markdown.rb:24:in `render'
  app/helpers/gitlab_markdown_helper.rb:61:in `markdown'
  app/views/search/results/_issue.html.haml:9:in `block in _app_views_search_results__issue_html_haml__4127460390996300432_59973760'
  app/views/search/results/_issue.html.haml:8:in `_app_views_search_results__issue_html_haml__4127460390996300432_59973760'
  app/views/search/_results.html.haml:20:in `_app_views_search__results_html_haml__589475855773452465_61761440'
  app/views/search/show.html.haml:5:in `_app_views_search_show_html_haml___1852335078065998536_69780120'
parent 1cf45407
Please view this file on the master branch, on stable branches it's out of date.
v 8.4.0 (unreleased)
- Fix Error 500 when doing a search in dashboard before visiting any project (Stan Hu)
- Implement new UI for group page
v 8.3.0
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
- if issue.description.present?
= preserve do
= search_md_sanitize(markdown(issue.description))
= search_md_sanitize(markdown(issue.description, { project: issue.project }))
- if issue.closed?
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