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Commit 48843c0d authored by Fatih Acet's avatar Fatih Acet
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Merge branch '19157-use-shortcuts-is-not-working-on-gitlab-com-help' into 'master'

Fixed 'use shortcuts' button on docs

## What does this MR do?

Exposes 'onToggleHelp() to window object through `showHelp()` so a help panel can be toggled globally using `showHelp()`.

## Are there points in the code the reviewer needs to double check?

Is this the best implementation? I actually think this is tidier than doing something like `onclick="new Shortcuts().onToggleHelp"` or `$.trigger 'keydown', char: '?'` but let me know.

## Why was this MR needed?

Docs UX

## What are the relevant issue numbers?

Closes #19157.

## Screenshots (if relevant)

## Does this MR meet the acceptance criteria?

- [ ] [CHANGELOG]( entry added
- [ ] [Documentation created/updated](
- [ ] API support added
- Tests
  - [ ] Added for this feature/bug
  - [ ] All builds are passing
- [x] Conform by the [style guides](
- [x] Branch has no merge conflicts with `master` (if you do - rebase it please)
- [x] [Squashed related commits together](
Closes #19157

See merge request !4979
parents dbac53aa 8cdee2ba
......@@ -9,12 +9,12 @@ class @Shortcuts
onToggleHelp: (e) =>
toggleMarkdownPreview: (e) =>
toggleMarkdownPreview: (e) ->
$(document).triggerHandler('markdown-preview:toggle', [e])
toggleHelp: (location) ->
@toggleHelp: (location) ->
$modal = $('#modal-shortcuts')
if $modal.length
......@@ -36,6 +36,6 @@
%li= link_to 'See our website for getting help', promo_url + '/getting-help/'
%li= link_to 'Use the search bar on the top of this page', '#', onclick: 'Shortcuts.focusSearch(event)'
%li= link_to 'Use shortcuts', '#', onclick: 'Shortcuts.showHelp(event)'
%li= link_to 'Use shortcuts', '#', onclick: 'Shortcuts.toggleHelp()'
%li= link_to 'Get a support subscription', ''
%li= link_to 'Compare GitLab editions', ''
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