Commit 46f94173 authored by Marin Jankovski's avatar Marin Jankovski

Update the Changelog.

parent 21d660a5
......@@ -21,6 +21,12 @@ v 7.9.0 (unreleased)
- Slack username and channel options
- Add grouped milestones from all projects to dashboard.
- Web hook sends pusher email as well as commiter
v 7.8.2
- Fix service migration issue when upgrading from versions prior to 7.3
- Fix setting of the default use project limit via admin UI
- Fix showing of already imported projects for GitLab and Gitorious importers
- Fix response of push to repository to return "Not found" if user doesn't have access
- Fix check if user is allowed to view the file attachment
v 7.8.1
- Fix run of custom post receive hooks
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