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Domain sockets are the default, not TCP

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......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ To serve repositories over SSH there's an add-on application called gitlab-shell
A typical install of GitLab will be on Ubuntu Linux or RHEL/CentOS.
It uses Nginx or Apache as a web front end to proxypass the Unicorn web server.
Communication between Unicorn and the front end is usually HTTP but access via socket is also supported.
By default, communication between Unicorn and the front end is via a Unix domain socket but forwarding requests via TCP is also supported.
The web front end accesses `/home/git/gitlab/public` bypassing the Unicorn server to serve static pages, uploads (e.g. avatar images or attachments), and precompiled assets.
GitLab serves web pages and a [GitLab API]( using the Unicorn web server.
It uses Sidekiq as a job queue which, in turn, uses redis as a non-persistent database backend for job information, meta data, and incomming jobs.
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