Commit 40b0afdd authored by Karlo Soriano's avatar Karlo Soriano

Add JS prefix to user tab classes

I'm not entirely sure if this project uses the `js-` prefix for
classes that are for js purposes only. But as I was working on a
feature, I noticed that these classes were those kind of classes.
parent f127edd0
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ class @UserTabs
activateTab: (action) ->
@parentEl.find(".nav-links .#{action}-tab a").tab('show')
@parentEl.find(".nav-links .js-#{action}-tab a").tab('show')
setTab: (source, action) ->
return if @loaded[action] is true
......@@ -69,13 +69,13 @@
= @user.location
= link_to user_calendar_activities_path, data: {target: 'div#activity', action: 'activity', toggle: 'tab'} do
= link_to user_groups_path, data: {target: 'div#groups', action: 'groups', toggle: 'tab'} do
= link_to user_contributed_projects_path, data: {target: 'div#contributed', action: 'contributed', toggle: 'tab'} do
Contributed projects
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