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Updating documentation to include a missing step in the update procedure

See merge request !10373
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......@@ -120,6 +120,14 @@ There are new configuration options available for [`gitlab.yml`][yaml]. View the
git diff origin/8-2-stable:config/gitlab.yml.example origin/8-3-stable:config/gitlab.yml.example
#### GitLab default file
The value of the `gitlab_workhorse_options` variable should be updated within the default gitlab file (`/etc/default/gitlab`) according to the following diff:
git diff origin/8-2-stable:lib/support/init.d/gitlab.default.example origin/8-3-stable:lib/support/init.d/gitlab.default.example
#### Nginx configuration
GitLab 8.3 introduces major changes in the NGINX configuration.
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