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Commit 3e83d9f7 authored by Jan Provaznik's avatar Jan Provaznik

Use prefix for TableOfContents filter hrefs

TableOfContents filter generates hrefs for each header in markdown,
if the header text consists from digits and redacted symbols only,
e.g. "123" or "1.0 then the auto-generated href has the same format
as issue references.

If the generated id contains only digits, then 'anchor-' prefix is
prepended to the id.

Closes #38473
parent 29e39e55
title: Fix false positive issue references in merge requests caused by header anchor
type: fixed
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ def call
.gsub(PUNCTUATION_REGEXP, '') # remove punctuation
.tr(' ', '-') # replace spaces with dash
.squeeze('-') # replace multiple dashes with one
.gsub(/\A(\d+)\z/, 'anchor-\1') # digits-only hrefs conflict with issue refs
uniq = headers[id] > 0 ? "-#{headers[id]}" : ''
headers[id] += 1
......@@ -65,6 +65,13 @@ def header(level, text)
expect(doc.css('h2 a').first.attr('href')).to eq '#one-1'
it 'prepends a prefix to digits-only ids' do
doc = filter(header(1, "123") + header(2, "1.0"))
expect(doc.css('h1 a').first.attr('href')).to eq '#anchor-123'
expect(doc.css('h2 a').first.attr('href')).to eq '#anchor-10'
it 'supports Unicode' do
doc = filter(header(1, '한글'))
expect(doc.css('h1 a').first.attr('id')).to eq 'user-content-한글'
......@@ -115,6 +115,15 @@
it 'does not include anchors from table of contents in issue references' do
issue1 = create(:issue, project: project)
issue2 = create(:issue, project: project)
subject.analyze("not real issue <h4>#{issue1.iid}</h4>, real issue #{issue2.to_reference}")
expect(subject.issues).to match_array([issue2])
it 'accesses valid issue objects' do
@i0 = create(:issue, project: project)
@i1 = create(:issue, project: project)
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