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**Search** for similar entries before submitting your own, there's a good chance somebody else had the same issue or idea. Show your support with `:+1:` and/or join the discussion.
* Only report issues for supported versions according to the [maintenance policy](
* Summarize your issue in one sentence (what goes wrong, what did you expect to happen)
* Describe your issue in detail
* How can we reproduce the issue on the [GitLab Vagrant virtual machine]( (start with: vagrant destroy && vagrant up && vagrant ssh)
# GitLab Maintenance Policy
GitLab is a fast moving and evolving project. We currently don't have the
resources to support many releases concurrently. We support exactly one stable
release at any given time.
GitLab follows the [Semantic Versioning]( for its releases:
* **Major version**: Whenever there is something significant or any backwards
incompatible changes are introduced to the public API.
* **Minor version**: When new, backwards compatible functionality is introduced
to the public API or a minor feature is introduced, or when a set of smaller
features is rolled out.
* **Patch number**: When backwards compatible bug fixes are introduced that fix
incorrect behavior.
The current stable release will receive security patches and bug fixes
(eg. `5.0` -> `5.0.1`). Feature releases will mark the next supported stable
release where the minor version is increased numerically by increments of one
(eg. `5.0 -> 5.1`).
We encourage everyone to run this release and are trying to keep the update
procedures simple and reliable.
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### Installation
Check out our [maintenance policy]( to see what versions are supported.
#### Official production installation
Follow the installation guide for production server.
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