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More labels since we get more specializations.

parent 632f60cc
......@@ -40,7 +40,10 @@ Workflow labels are purposely not very detailed since that would be hard to keep
- *Awaiting confirmation of fix*: The issue should already be solved in **master** (generally you can avoid this workflow item and just close the issue right away)
- *Attached MR*: There is a MR attached and the discussion should happen there
- We need to let issues stay in sync with the MR's. We can do this with a "Closing #XXXX" or "Fixes #XXXX" comment in the MR. We can't close the issue when there is a merge request because sometimes a MR is not good and we just close the MR, then the issue must stay.
- *Awaiting developer action/feedback*: Issue needs to be fixed or clarified by a developer
- *Developer*: needs help from a developer
- *UX* needs needs help from a UX designer
- *Frontend* needs help from a Front-end engineer
- *Graphics* needs help from a Graphics designer
## Functional labels
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