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Merge branch 'ee_compat_check-include-git-apply-reject-suggestion' into 'master'

Update ee_compat_check.rb to include `git apply --reject` suggestion

See merge request !11321
parents c6fd3b6a b3da5e15
......@@ -309,6 +309,17 @@ def ce_branch_doesnt_apply_cleanly_and_no_ee_branch_msg
U lib/gitlab/ee_compat_check.rb
Resolve them, stage the changes and commit them.
If the patch couldn't be applied cleanly, use the following command:
# In the EE repo
$ git apply --reject path/to/#{ce_branch}.patch
This option makes git apply the parts of the patch that are applicable,
and leave the rejected hunks in corresponding `.rej` files.
You can then resolve the conflicts highlighted in `.rej` by
manually applying the correct diff from the `.rej` file to the file with conflicts.
When finished, you can delete the `.rej` files and commit your changes.
⚠️ Don't forget to push your branch to gitlab-ee:
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