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Read through GiLab's branching documentation:
- [Create a branch](../
- [Default branch](#default-branch)
- [Protected branches](../../
- [Delete merged branches](#delete-merged-branches)
- [Branch filter search box](#branch-filter-search-box)
- [Create a branch](../
- [Default branch](#default-branch).
- [Protected branches](../../
- [Delete merged branches](#delete-merged-branches).
- [Branch filter search box](#branch-filter-search-box).
See also:
- [GitLab Flow](../../../../university/training/ use the best of GitLab for your branching strategies
- [Getting started with Git](../../../../topics/git/ and GitLab
- [Branches API](../../../../api/, for information on operating on repository branches using the GitLab API.
- [GitLab Flow](../../../../university/training/ Use the best of GitLab for your branching strategies.
- [Getting started with Git](../../../../topics/git/ and GitLab.
## Default branch
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It's particularly useful to clean up old branches that were not deleted
automatically when a merge request was merged.
## Branch filter search box
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 11.5.
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