Commit 3d08a309 authored by tauriedavis's avatar tauriedavis

35209 Add wip message to new navigation preference section

parent fe0c3b79
......@@ -376,3 +376,18 @@ table.u2f-registrations {
.nav-wip {
border: 1px solid $blue-500;
background: $blue-25;
padding: $gl-padding;
margin-bottom: $gl-padding;
a {
color: $blue-500;
p:last-child {
margin-bottom: 0;
......@@ -24,6 +24,12 @@
This setting allows you to turn on or off the new upcoming navigation concept.
The new navigation is currently a work-in-progress concept and is currently only usable on wide-screens. There are a number of improvements that we are working on in order to further refine our navigation.
%a{ href: '', target: 'blank' } Learn more
about the improvements that are coming soon!
= label_tag do
.preview= image_tag "old_nav.png"
%input.js-experiment-feature-toggle{ type: "radio", value: "false", name: "new_nav", checked: !show_new_nav? }
title: Add wip message to new navigation preference section
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