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Add docs explaining why you get signed out with "Remember me"

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title: Add docs for why you might be signed out when using the Remember me token
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......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ This page gathers all the resources for the topic **Authentication** within GitL
- [SSH](../../ssh/
- [Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)](../../user/profile/account/
- [Why do I keep getting signed out?](../../user/profile/
- **Articles:**
- [Support for Universal 2nd Factor Authentication - YubiKeys](
- [Security Webcast with Yubico](
# User account
When logged into their GitLab account, users can customize their
When signed into their GitLab account, users can customize their
experience according to the best approach to their cases.
## Signing in
There are several ways to sign into your GitLab account.
See the [authentication topic](../../topics/authentication/ for more details.
### Why do I keep getting signed out?
When signing in to the main GitLab application, a `_gitlab_session` cookie is
set. `_gitlab_session` is cleared client-side when you close your browser
and expires after "Application settings -> Session duration (minutes)"/`session_expire_delay`
(defaults to `10080` minutes = 7 days).
When signing in to the main GitLab application, you can also check the
"Remember me" option which sets the `remember_user_token`
cookie (via [`devise`](
`remember_user_token` expires after
`config/initializers/devise.rb` -> `config.remember_for` (defaults to 2 weeks).
When the `_gitlab_session` expires or isn't available, GitLab uses the `remember_user_token`
to get you a new `_gitlab_session` and keep you signed in through browser restarts.
After your `remember_user_token` expires and your `_gitlab_session` is cleared/expired,
you will be asked to sign in again to verify your identity (which is for security reasons).
## Username
Your `username` is a unique [`namespace`](../group/
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