Commit 3ba4aa26 authored by Rémy Coutable's avatar Rémy Coutable

Merge branch...

Merge branch '28772-remove-source-branch-button-sometimes-appears-even-if-remove-branch-checkbox-is-checked' into 'master'

Resolve "`Remove source branch` button sometimes appears even if `remove branch` checkbox is checked"

Closes #28772

See merge request !9948
parents d568861d 3f145899
- case @status
- when :success
- remove_source_branch = params[:should_remove_source_branch] == '1' || @merge_request.remove_source_branch?
merge_request_widget.mergeInProgress(#{params[:should_remove_source_branch] == '1'});
- when :merge_when_pipeline_succeeds
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