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......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ v 7.4.0
- Add Pushover service integration (Sullivan Senechal)
- Add select field type for services options (Sullivan Senechal)
- Add cross-project references to the Markdown parser (Vinnie Okada)
- Add task lists to issue and merge request descriptions (Vinnie Okada)
v 7.3.2
- Fix creating new file via web editor
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
* [Code and Syntax Highlighting](#code-and-syntax-highlighting)
* [Emoji](#emoji)
* [Special GitLab references](#special-gitlab-references)
* [Task lists](#task-lists)
**[Standard Markdown](#standard-markdown)**
......@@ -183,6 +184,18 @@ GFM also recognizes references to commits, issues, and merge requests in other p
- namespace/project!123 : for merge requests
- namespace/project@1234567 : for commits
## Task Lists
You can add task lists to merge request and issue descriptions to keep track of to-do items. To create a task, add an unordered list to the description in an issue or merge request, formatted like so:
* [x] Completed task
* [ ] Unfinished task
* [x] Nested task
Task lists can only be created in descriptions, not in titles or comments. Task item state can be managed by editing the description's Markdown or by clicking the rendered checkboxes.
# Standard Markdown
## Headers
Markdown is supported
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