Commit 37651d2f authored by Timothy Andrew's avatar Timothy Andrew
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Fix the protected branches factory.

1. Previously, we were using `after_create` to create access levels.

2. At the time of protected branch creation, there are _no_ access
   levels present, which is invalid, and creation fails.

3. Fixed by setting access levels before the protected branch is created.
parent 4ddbbcd1
......@@ -3,9 +3,9 @@
after(:create) do |protected_branch|
protected_branch.push_access_levels.create!(access_level: Gitlab::Access::MASTER)
protected_branch.merge_access_levels.create!(access_level: Gitlab::Access::MASTER)
before(:create) do |protected_branch| Gitlab::Access::MASTER) Gitlab::Access::MASTER)
trait :developers_can_push do
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