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Explain the docs' CD, relating to the milestone the doc is set to vs online docs

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......@@ -411,6 +411,22 @@ The following GitLab features are used among others:
Every GitLab instance includes the documentation, which is available from `/help`
(``), e.g., <>.
The documentation available online on is continuously
deployed every hour from the `master` branch of CE, EE, Omnibus, and Runner. Therefore,
once a merge request gets merged, it will be available online on the same day,
but they will be shipped (and available on `/help`) within the milestone assigned
to the MR.
For instance, let's say your merge request has a milestone set to 11.3, which
will be released on 2018-09-22. If it gets merged on 2018-09-15, it will be
available online on 2018-09-15, but, as the feature freeze date has passed, if
the MR does not have a "pick into 11.3" label, the milestone has to be changed
to 11.4 and it will be shipped with all GitLab packages only on 2018-10-22,
with GitLab 11.4. Meaning, it will only be available under `/help` from GitLab
11.4 onwards, but available on on the same day it was merged.
### Linking to `/help`
When you're building a new feature, you may need to link the documentation
from GitLab, the application. This is normally done in files inside the
`app/views/` directory with the help of the `help_page_path` helper method.
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