Commit 31b3ccb5 authored by Fatih Acet's avatar Fatih Acet

Merge branch 'dispatcher-boards' into 'master'

Refactor dispatcher project boards path

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!16374
parents ee546844 93f0e62e
...@@ -148,8 +148,10 @@ import Activities from './activities'; ...@@ -148,8 +148,10 @@ import Activities from './activities';
break; break;
case 'projects:boards:show': case 'projects:boards:show':
case 'projects:boards:index': case 'projects:boards:index':
shortcut_handler = new ShortcutsNavigation(); import('./pages/projects/boards/index')
new UsersSelect(); .then(callDefault)
shortcut_handler = true;
break; break;
case 'projects:merge_requests:index': case 'projects:merge_requests:index':
case 'projects:issues:index': case 'projects:issues:index':
import UsersSelect from '~/users_select';
import ShortcutsNavigation from '~/shortcuts_navigation';
export default () => {
new UsersSelect(); // eslint-disable-line no-new
new ShortcutsNavigation(); // eslint-disable-line no-new
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