Commit 3016a2a3 authored by Dylan Griffith's avatar Dylan Griffith
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Remove TLD validation from Cluster#domain

parent 482b91d5
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ class Cluster < ActiveRecord::Base
validates :name, cluster_name: true
validates :cluster_type, presence: true
validates :domain, allow_blank: true, hostname: { allow_numeric_hostname: true, require_valid_tld: true }
validates :domain, allow_blank: true, hostname: { allow_numeric_hostname: true }
validate :restrict_modification, on: :update
validate :no_groups, unless: :group_type?
title: Fixes incorrect TLD validation errors for Kubernetes cluster domain
merge_request: 25262
type: fixed
......@@ -453,7 +453,7 @@ def go(format: :html)
context 'when domain is invalid' do
let(:domain) { 'not-a-valid-domain' }
let(:domain) { 'http://not-a-valid-domain' }
it 'should not update cluster attributes' do
......@@ -265,12 +265,12 @@
it { be_valid }
context 'when cluster has an invalid domain' do
let(:cluster) { build(:cluster, domain: 'not-valid-domain') }
context 'when cluster is not a valid hostname' do
let(:cluster) { build(:cluster, domain: 'http://not.a.valid.hostname') }
it 'should add an error on domain' do
expect(subject).not_to be_valid
expect(subject.errors[:domain].first).to eq('is not a fully qualified domain name')
expect(subject.errors[:domain].first).to eq('contains invalid characters (valid characters: [a-z0-9\\-])')
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