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## Git Checkout
> Introduced in GitLab Runner 9.3
The `GIT_CHECKOUT` variable can be used when the `GIT_STRATEGY` is set to either
`clone` or `fetch` to specify whether a `git checkout` should be run. If not
specified, it defaults to true. Like `GIT_STRATEGY`, it can be set in either the
global [`variables`](#variables) section or the [`variables`](#job-variables)
section for individual jobs.
If set to `false`, the Runner will:
- when doing `fetch` - update the repository and leave working copy on
the current revision,
- when doing `clone` - clone the repository and leave working copy on the
default branch.
Having this setting set to `true` will mean that for both `clone` and `fetch`
strategies the Runner will checkout the working copy to a revision related
to the CI pipeline:
- git checkout master
- git merge $CI_BUILD_REF_NAME
## Git Submodule Strategy
> Requires GitLab Runner v1.10+.
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