Commit 2f46c902 authored by Mayra Cabrera's avatar Mayra Cabrera
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Vendor Auto-DevOps.gitlab-ci from gitlab-ci-yml

Uses curl instead of wget on install_dependencies, as wget does not
support https through http proxy on alpine:latest
parent 50cb6353
title: Make AutoDevOps work behind proxy
merge_request: 21775
author: Sergej - @kinolaev
type: other
......@@ -635,8 +635,8 @@ rollout 100%:
function install_dependencies() {
apk add -U openssl curl tar gzip bash ca-certificates git
wget -q -O /etc/apk/keys/
curl -L -o /etc/apk/keys/
curl -L -O
apk add glibc-2.28-r0.apk
rm glibc-2.28-r0.apk
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