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Open links in a new tab on the user page

parent aff9ecef
......@@ -58,15 +58,15 @@
= icon('skype')
- unless @user.linkedin.blank?
= link_to linkedin_url(@user), title: "LinkedIn" do
= link_to linkedin_url(@user), title: "LinkedIn", target: '_blank', rel: 'noopener noreferrer nofollow' do
= icon('linkedin-square')
- unless @user.twitter.blank?
= link_to twitter_url(@user), title: "Twitter" do
= link_to twitter_url(@user), title: "Twitter", target: '_blank', rel: 'noopener noreferrer nofollow' do
= icon('twitter-square')
- unless @user.website_url.blank?
= link_to @user.short_website_url, @user.full_website_url, class: 'text-link'
= link_to @user.short_website_url, @user.full_website_url, class: 'text-link', target: '_blank', rel: 'noopener noreferrer nofollow'
- unless @user.location.blank?
= icon('map-marker')
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