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v 5.0.0
- Replaced gitolite with gitlab-shell
- Removed gitolite-related libraries
- State machine added
- Setup gitlab as git user
- Internal API
- Show team tab for empty projects
- Import repository feature
- Updated rails
- Use lambda for scopes
- Redesign admin area -> users
- Redesign admin area -> user
- Secure link to file attachments
- Add validations for Group and Team names
- Restyle team page for project
- Update capybara, rspec-rails, poltergeist to recent versions
v 4.2.0
- Teams
- User show page. Via /u/username
- Show help contents on pages for better navigation
- Async gitolite calls
- added satellites logs
- can_create_group, can_create_team booleans for User
- Process web hooks async
- GFM: Fix images escaped inside links
- Network graph improved
- Switchable branches for network graph
- API: Groups
- Fixed project download
v 4.1.0
- Optional Sign-Up
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