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If you think a merge request should go into an RC or patch even though it does not meet these requirements,
you can ask for an exception to be made.
Go to [Release tasks issue tracker]( and create an issue
using the `Exception-request` issue template.
**Do not** set the relevant `Pick into X.Y` label (see above) before request an
exception; this should be done after the exception is approved.
You can find who is who on the [team page](
Whether an exception is made is determined by weighing the benefit and urgency of the change
(how important it is to the company that this is released _right now_ instead of in a month)
against the potential negative impact
(things breaking without enough time to comfortably find and fix them before the release on the 22nd).
When in doubt, we err on the side of _not_ cherry-picking.
For example, it is likely that an exception will be made for a trivial 1-5 line performance improvement
(e.g. adding a database index or adding `includes` to a query), but not for a new feature, no matter how relatively small or thoroughly tested.
All MRs which have had exceptions granted must be merged by the 15th.
Check [this guide]( about how to open an exception request before opening one.
### Regressions
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