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Update Docker Syntax

I think this documentation is using an out-of-date docker client. I guess that `-n` means `--name` (there is no `-n` in up-to-date docker) and `-l` means `--link` (`-l` is short for `--label` now).

See merge request !2001
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......@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@ This will create two service containers (MySQL and PostgreSQL).
1. Create a build container and execute script in its context:
$ cat build_script | docker run -n build -i -l mysql:service-mysql -l postgres:service-postgres ruby:2.1 /bin/bash
$ docker run --name build -i --link=service-mysql:mysql --link=service-postgres:postgres ruby:2.1 /bin/bash < build_script
This will create build container that has two service containers linked.
The build_script is piped using STDIN to bash interpreter which executes the build script in container.
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