Commit 24354761 authored by Carlos Ribeiro's avatar Carlos Ribeiro
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Add error message when have error on profile screen

parent b99221e6
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ v 7.10.0 (unreleased)
- Fix alignment of navbar toggle button (Cody Mize)
- Identical look of selectboxes in UI
- Move "Import existing repository by URL" option to button.
- Improve error message when save profile has error.
v 7.9.0 (unreleased)
- Add HipChat integration documentation (Stan Hu)
......@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@ def update
if @user.update_attributes(user_params)
flash[:notice] = "Profile was successfully updated"
flash[:alert] = "Failed to update profile"
messages = @user.errors.full_messages.uniq.join('. ')
flash[:alert] = "Failed to update profile. #{messages}"
respond_to do |format|
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