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......@@ -159,6 +159,10 @@ Every new feature should come with a [test plan].
> See [end-to-end tests]( for more information.
Note that `qa/spec` contains unit tests of the QA framework itself, not to be
confused with the application's [unit tests](#unit-tests) or
[end-to-end tests](#black-box-tests-at-the-system-level-aka-end-to-end-tests).
[multiple pieces]: ../
[GitLab Shell]:
[GitLab Workhorse]:
# GitLab QA - Integration tests for GitLab
# GitLab QA - End-to-end tests for GitLab
This directory contains integration tests for GitLab.
This directory contains [end-to-end tests](doc/development/testing_guide/
for GitLab. It includes the test framework and the tests themselves.
The tests can be found in `qa/specs/features` (not to be confused with the unit
tests for the test framework, which are in `spec/`).
It is part of the [GitLab QA project](
## What is it?
GitLab QA is an integration tests suite for GitLab.
GitLab QA is an end-to-end tests suite for GitLab.
These are black-box and entirely click-driven integration tests you can run
These are black-box and entirely click-driven end-to-end tests you can run
against any existing instance.
## How does it work?
1. When we release a new version of GitLab, we build a Docker images for it.
1. Along with GitLab Docker Images we also build and publish GitLab QA images.
1. GitLab QA project uses these images to execute integration tests.
1. GitLab QA project uses these images to execute end-to-end tests.
## Validating GitLab views / partials / selectors in merge requests
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