Commit 1e207e8a authored by Tim Zallmann's avatar Tim Zallmann

Merge branch 'winh-fix-duplicate-commits' into 'master'

Remove gl.Activities from Commits page

Closes #36058

See merge request !13341
parents cfcd1601 736a788e
...@@ -332,7 +332,6 @@ import GpgBadges from './gpg_badges'; ...@@ -332,7 +332,6 @@ import GpgBadges from './gpg_badges';
break; break;
case 'projects:commits:show': case 'projects:commits:show':
CommitsList.init(document.querySelector('.js-project-commits-show').dataset.commitsLimit); CommitsList.init(document.querySelector('.js-project-commits-show').dataset.commitsLimit);
new gl.Activities();
shortcut_handler = new ShortcutsNavigation(); shortcut_handler = new ShortcutsNavigation();
GpgBadges.fetch(); GpgBadges.fetch();
break; break;
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