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Commit 1bd140ca authored by Phil Hughes's avatar Phil Hughes

Merge branch '35164-cycle-analytics-firefox' into 'master'

move click handler to button. when on the icon it wasn't triggered in firefox

Closes #35164

See merge request !12905
parents 5c4f99a3 a8f22ddf
......@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@
#cycle-analytics{ class: container_class, "v-cloak" => "true", data: { request_path: project_cycle_analytics_path(@project) } }
- if @cycle_analytics_no_data
.landing.content-block{ "v-if" => "!isOverviewDialogDismissed" }
%button.dismiss-button{ type: 'button', 'aria-label': 'Dismiss Cycle Analytics introduction box' }
= icon("times", "@click" => "dismissOverviewDialog()")
%button.dismiss-button{ type: 'button', 'aria-label': 'Dismiss Cycle Analytics introduction box', "@click" => "dismissOverviewDialog()" }
= icon("times")
= custom_icon('icon_cycle_analytics_splash')
title: allow closing Cycle Analytics intro box in firefox
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